UCI Housing

The Turtle Rock Elementary school boundaries include most of the UCI Housing communities.  Now that you have entered into UCI as a student or professor, it is important that you enroll your school-aged children into school.  The information and links on this page will hopefully help you with this process.

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Space at Turtle Rock is Limited

Enroll as soon as possible.  It is not unusual for our classes to fill quickly.  When this happens we will help find your child a spot at another school in the Irvine Unified School District.  However, only Turtle Rock has busing to and from the UCI Housing communities.  Families who are late to register and whose children are displaced to another school will be responsible for their own child's daily transportation.

To register your child in IUSD, you and your child must be moved-in to your university housing.  Therefore, we encourage you to schedule a move-in date as soon as a space is made available to you.

You may contact Darcie Ott, the Turtle Rock Attendance Clerk, at 949-936-6250 to schedule an enrollment appointment.

Click Here to view the step-by-step IUSD enrollment process.

School Starts on August 23 in Irvine Unified School District!

UCI families often experience the stressors of having one or more parents back in school as professors or students, as well as acclimating to a new life in Irvine. All of these new and exciting experiences make it important that your elementary-aged children have the consistency and security of being in school right from the first day! 

Please remember that enrollment in IUSD takes planning and time. Our district office and school personnel are here to help you through the process.

Welcome to the Turtle Rock Community!