Congratulations to our Turtle Rock Mathletes Winners!

Congratulations to the four Turtle Rock teams who participated in the state-wide Mathletes Fan4 competition! They all did really well, including Team "For The Win!" who placed 1st in the state for 6th grade, and Team "Divide and Conquerors" who placed 2nd in the state for 4th grade. Teams in 3rd grade "Rock N' Rollin Turtles" and in 4th grade "Crazy Math" also did great! There were 62 teams of 4 participants each, including students from 33 schools in California state-wide. Great job representing Turtle Rock!!!
4th grade 2nd place: Team "Divide and Conquerors"

Oliver L
Melissa Y
Eugene D
Jiayou (Carl) L
3rd Grade: Team "Rock N' Rollin Turtles"
Akitaka T
Abigail Y
Elliana L
Jiya N
4th Grade: Team "Crazy Math"
Brandon S
Parimugdha R
Dhayaarth S

6th Grade 1st Place: Team "For the Win!"

Ashvik N
Michael J
Edward Z
Timothy C