IUSD 43rd Annual Science Fair


The Virtual IUSD Science Fair is now live on the IUSD STEM website here

Below are the titles of the projects from Turtle Rock so families can search for our student projects more easily:

  1. Microbial Mystique by Joanna Li, Julia Wu, and Abigail Yoo
  2. The Sweetest Fruit by Emma Kao
  3. The Mystery of the Sugary Ice Cream by Prachi Mondal and Melissa Ornelas
  4. Generating Electricity from Mechanical Energy by Steve Zhao, Ryan Kong and Jeremy Wang
  5. How Different Percent of  Alcohol Affects Hand Sanitizer by Rohan Vannadil
  6. Affordable Eye Wear Aide by Cathy Lin
  7. Desalinator by Victoria Abbott
  8. Natural Disasters and Homes by Rintaro Sassa, Jihan Kim and Roham Shahnaser
  9. RUBBISH (A Trash Collecting Robot) by Henry Ding and Alfred Zhu
  10. Sketch Scribe by Christina Xie
  11. Desalinator  by Jiya Nangia and Armita Mokaberri
  12. Spherification by Nyla Afsari
  13. Soil Replacements by Thanh Morsette and Minh Do